Holly & Woody

Catégorie(s) Big Anim

Format 26 x 26' - Animated serie (WIP)

In Hollywood, whilde the moms and dads are busy working at the movie studios, it’s their kids who put on a show!

In Hollywood, being a star is much more than a fulltime job. So when the moms and dads are out working, what do the kids get up to ?
Well, they go to school of course, but not just any school.
They go to the Talent Factory : the school for Hollywood kids.

In this school, as well as all the regular classes, students also learn all about the different jobs in the movies : from the dramatic arts to film directing and special effects. In Hollywood, we take things seriously ; classes at school can turn into real epic dramas or musicals.
At the Talent School, all the kids follow in their parents’ footsteps. The school is full of future star prima donnas, film directors in training, and shabby-looking young mummies, all looking for the role of their lives.
Yeah, everybody ! Except maybe for Holly, her father is a simple film projectionist. Holly’s far too shy for those princess roles; and Woody, a scarecrow who is far too proud to work as an extra. They certainly are the odd couple, but strength lies
in unity, and together they’re ready to try anything to give it their best shot at becoming stars of the future ! One thing’s for sure, with all of the crazy things that happen to them, all the bossy teachers and the mean kids around the place, our duo has their work cut out if they’re going to make their way in the fabulous world of show business !

So… Quiet on the set ! Action !

Holly & Woody 1
Concept art – entrance
Holly & Woody 2
Concept art – escape
Holly & Woody 3
Concept art – “Real”