Les fables de Sasha

Catégorie(s) Big Anim

Format 26 x 5' - Animated serie (WIP)

Every day after recess, it’s the same thing: Sacha and his friends have trouble getting back to calm, too busy trying to resolve a dispute that arose between them earlier. So to cut short the chatter, the teacher sends Sacha to the blackboard to recite the fable of the day. She sets off, but quickly falls into a big hole!

But it takes more to impress Sacha. She has imagination to spare and is not the type to give up. Here she is, making up the rest of the story live, transposing her problem of the day with her friends into her story. She gives life to zany scenes in which the animals of the fable, now avatars of her friends, are accommodated with anachronistic objects from children’s daily lives. With skill, Sacha finally comes across the moral of the fable, which will help him to solve his problem once he is back in his place.

What a talent!

Une série proposée par Julie Rembuville et Nicolas Bianco-Levrin.
Avec le soutien du – with the support of PROCIREP – ANGOA