Who is
Big Company Prod?

We are
producers of creativity.


The company BIG COMPANY PROD produces since 2010 audiovisual programs for television.

Documentaries, series of animation, new medias, magazine of flow or capture and recreation of live performance are so many genres that we explore and that we seek to intermingle in the service of our creativity.

Awards & Distinctions

La Bergère des glace : 2016 Grand Prix at the Banff Mountain Film Festival | Special Jury Prize at the Kerala Film Festival | Audience Award | Nature and Environment Film Award | Best Direction at the Autrans Mountain Film Festival.

Today is a good day : 2017 best film documentary at the Paris Art & Movie Awards.

14 – 18 Coup de canon pour le cinéma Français : Selection at the 2018 Pessac Film Festival.

Cancer: my life with my best enemy: selected for the Paris Sciences 2021 Festival – Panorama of the documentary.


The Big ‘origin story’

2010 : creation of “LES FILMS DE LA DECOUVERTE” by Colette Magne and Caroline Puig-Grenetier.

2015 : Management by Arnaud Clavelin and Big Company.

2019 : Arrival of Amélie Pernot in charge of the development of animation projects.

2021 : BIG AMBITIONS “Les Films de la Découverte” becomes “Big Company Prod” and is part of the Big Company group.



BIG COMPANY PROD’s ambition is to produce relevant and quality projects, both in terms of content with eclectic subjects, and in terms of form with varied filmic techniques.

BIG COMPANY PROD’s vocation is to develop the production of premium and exclusive programs for major channels and BIG platforms in France and abroad.

Sport is our reason to live…
but especially when we put it in pictures

A sporty producer

Big Broadcasters

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It’s not because our heroes sometimes are big-headed that we don’t know how to remain humble

A producer who is a bit of an artist

The Big Prod Team

Arnaud clavelin

Associate producer

Arnaud clavelin 1

Amélie Pernot

Artistic producer

Amélie Pernot 2

Jean-Philippe Pollien

Associate producer

Jean-Philippe Pollien 3

Stéphane Dalbec

Associate producer

Stéphane Dalbec 4

Bénédicte Peyrusse

Studio director

Bénédicte Peyrusse 5

Marion Bihry

Production manager
Chief editor

Marion Bihry 6

Florence Usclard

Administrative and Financial Director

Florence Usclard 7

Mathilde Pernot

Administrative and Financial Assistant

Mathilde Pernot 8

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Big News!

You will find here our Big and small news, about our team projects and all our adventures !

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Big Jobs!

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We are cool, even if we are live in 5… 4… 3…

A production manager without pressure