Catégorie(s) Big Flux

Format 85' – Création

Année 2016

The year 2015 marks the centenary of the Armenian genocide. To commemorate this painful event, Canticum Novum has decided to create an original work entitled “Ararat”, which highlights an intercultural dialogue between France and Armenia.
Recorded with exceptional means and without an audience, this creation immerses our senses in a journey both in time and in the East.

Original broadcasts on Classicall
2016 – Les Films de la Découverte – Canticum Novum
Directed by Georges Flores
performed by l’Ensemble Canticum Novum
recorded at l’Abbaye Notre Dame d’Orcival
a coproduction by Les Films de la Découverte and Canticum Novum with the support of Dot Mov Fund and the CNC