Digitale Détox

Catégorie(s) Big Doc

Format 52' – Documentaire - Société

Année 2021

Lili Sohn is ultra-connected. This 36-year-old with an assertive style and a certain notoriety is an author, comic book illustrator, mother and activist. She’s super active. Every day, her main link to the world is virtual. Thousands of followers, two videos posted every 24 hours, 3 screens constantly on. It’s all fast-moving, all ephemeral…
She decided to take a break, to change and question herself by walking the trails alone.
Walk, cut, think, even dress! 1,2,3 partez…getting lost on the paths of Compostelle, with no quest for the divine, nothing in her hands, just pencils to draw and eyes to observe. Stop, everything stops.
Perhaps in vain…or perhaps for other tomorrows. Admit it, who hasn’t dreamed of that?
Lili does.

Initial broadcasts on France 3 occitanie
© France 3 occitanie – Edition Casterman – Big Company Prod – 2021
A movie written and directed by Lili Sohn & Fanny Fontan
With the support of Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animé