Indiana Jones: In pursuit of an icon

Catégorie(s) Big Doc

Format 52' – Documentaire - Pop Culture

Année 2023

If you hear the sound of a whip cracking and a man appears with a Stetson hat on his head, an inimitable smirk on his face, all set to a cult soundtrack.
Only one possible answer, Indiana Jones, of course!
Through a saga that has been running for 42 years today, rediscover one of the greatest icons in cinema history, a timeless hero !
This documentary is narrated by Richard Darbois, the French voice of Indiana Jones, who takes a look behind the scenes of the saga’s success.
We look back at the little-known origins of the most cult scenes and elements that still inspire modern pop culture today.

Initial broadcasts on M6
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A movie Directed and written by Jace Carvalho.
With the support of the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animé.