Le Serment des 103 - United for the land of Larzac

Catégorie(s) Big Doc

Format 52' – Documentaire - Histoire

Année 2021

On March 28, 1972, 103 Larzac farmers signed the “Oath of the 103”. This founding act marked the birth of this group of farmers opposed to the planned extension of the Cavalerie military camp, announced in October 1971 by Michel Debré. In the space of a year, everything happened very quickly for these pious, conservative farmers, who had never before been involved in any kind of agitation. But this absolute refusal to sell their land, this unanimous wave of protest and resistance, was to trigger a decade of fierce battles between the powers that be and this band of diehards clinging to their plateau.

Initial broadcasts on Histoire TV
© Histoire TV – Bleu Nuit Audiovisuel – Jokyo Images – Big Company Prod – 2021
A film written and directed by Véronique Garcia
With the support of APAL, the Jasse of Larzac and the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animé.