Qu'est-ce qui m'arrive ?

Catégorie(s) Big Anim

Format 3'30 - 2D Animated serie (WIP)

Every day, our heroine, a young child like all the others, is confronted with an everyday situation that puts her in an emotional state that she does not understand.

Her emotions are turned upside down and her body does anything!
Her brother wouldn’t let her have the console? She sees red and stamps her foot while screaming. The teacher questions her in front of everyone in class? She can’t breathe and a lump forms in the back of her throat.
No one pays any attention to her? She fidgets around and can’t concentrate.

But there is no question of giving up! Because children can be their own heroes and get out of situations on their own.

With the help of a voice-over, our heroine manages to put a word to this new emotion and to take her hand to live with her as a friend.

En co-développement avec YN Productions – La Cuisine Aux Images
Avec le soutien du – with the support of PROCIREP – ANGOA, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes